«The Ideal Museum» Club

Our museum is in constant search for new ways and forms of educational work, in order to provide the most comfortable art space for the visitors.

The new project is the one to interest all social types. Its programs, events, artistic gatherings, concerts, discussions of the up-to-date themes would be pleasant and necessary for visitors of all ages.

The combination of intellectual and entertaining issues provide a natural feeling of home comfort.

«If there was a little room somewhere in the British Museum that contained only about 20 exhibits and good lighting, easy chairs and a notice imploring you to smoke, I believe I should become a museum man,» — J.B. Priestley (1733 — 1804), British scientist and philosopher

This great formula is as modern as ever. It became the concept of our new project.

For everyone, who’s interested in arts, — join «The Ideal Museum. Priestley Formula» Club!

Our moto is: «Feel yourself at home».