«The Christmas Star» Festival

On December, 23 at 12 a.m. the final tours of the traditional fest «The Christmas Star» and of the new creative concept «Art-Fair of Christmas Decor», presented for the first time, will take place in Vinnytsia Regional Fine Arts Museum.

United by a mutual idea — to demonstrate the talents of kids and youth, — they are filled with potential, significance, professionalism, which correlate with the atmosphere, connected with the universal art-world, presented in the museum.

The exhibition reveals both — finest visual works, performed with the unlimited child imagination in the techniques of gouache, watercolors, batique, compositions in plasticine and other materials; and new artistic forms — phantasmagoric elves, gnomes, applications, vytynanky and etc.

More than 200 art-works were presented to the judges this year.

The expert board of the Fest chose 21 best works by the pupils of art-schools, workshops, studios from Vinnytsia and 10 districts of the Vinnytsia region: Tulchyn, Yampol, Mogyliv-Podil’s’kyi, Kryzhopol, Teplyk ant others, which will be honored by a diploma «The Best Young Artist of the Year» and by memorable gifts, the «Grand-Prix» goes to two contestants with artworks in the techniques of watercolor and quilling. The sponsor of this years event is the publishing house «Podillya» /headed by Olena Tykhoniuk/.

The halls, in which the exhibition is presented, will house a unique excursion-riddle, merry quizzes and tasty deserts, provided by caffe «Caramel» /headed by Ganna Marganyan/.

This festival, which takes place in the museum every year, has already become a tradition in Vinnytsia region, and talented children even from the most remote districts take part in it. One can always hear here an emotional conversation, laughter, discussions of works presented, exchange of thoughts and impressions, see camera flash-lights, when parents and friends try to preserve the best moments, which became a proof of success for the young artists. For some of them taking part in such festivals will become a profession, to others — a serious school of life, which will help to understand all the complex processes that surround us.