«Donbass’ Rushnyk Way»

January 28, 2016 at 15:00 Vinnytsia Regional Fine Arts Museum hosted an opening of the exhibition «Donbass’ Rushnyk Way», which, in correlation with the main idea – integration through art – highlights the unity of Ukraine as a Unitarian state.

Vinnytsia Regional Fine Arts Museum and the Department of Tourism and Culture of the Donets’k Regional State Administration initiated this step for cultural interaction of Ukrainian regions as a way of better knowing each other and to unite Ukrainian nation, its mutual act towards acknowledging democratic values by the society.

The exhibition consists of 74 rushnyks, which represent ths art of folk embroidery of Donets’k region, amongst them — that of the conflict zone on the map of the anti-terrorist operation — Avdiyivka, Volnovakha, Slov’yans’k and others. 

The stylistics of the works presented is various and multi-aspected, represents traditional Ukrainian motives and symbols. The center of the exhibition belongs rightfully to the rushnyk with the famous lines by T.G.Shevchenko «O my thoughts, my heartfelt thoughts…« — a copy of the work made by Lesya Ukrayinka as a present to the glorious poet. Nowadays historical sample is being preserved in the funds of Taras Shevchenko’s Museum in Kyiv. The author of the work, presented at this exhibition, Larysa Azymova, is an artist of impeccable taste and professional skills, finished the embroidery right before here hometown Slov’yans’k had been occupied.

Attention is certainly drawn to the rushnyk in memory of Oleksa Tykhyi, which has been exhibited in USA, where it received positive reviews from the American press.

A special segment of the exhibition is composed of a collective work by 24 embroiderers from an association «Inspiration», as well as almost a 7 meters long rushnyk by the representatives of 16 territorial communities of the Slov’yans’k region, which are unique examples of the Donets’k region’s folk art.

The collection, presented at the exhibition, various both by time created — from those made in 60-ies to the contemporary ones, by techniques, symbols, coloristics, unites main Ukrainian national characteristics: tendency towards folk traditions, which, changing and perfecting, create a powerful aesthetic and notional unity.

Supplemented with virtu artworks, dated XVIII  century, from the funds of Vinnytsia Regional Fine Arts Museum — the icon «The Savior Not-Made-By-Hands», a brilliant sample of Ukrainian baroque, made in the technique of engraving and painting on wood, using silver, gold, casting, and the Gospel in a metal setting with artistic coining, — the exhibition certainly will become one of the key events in the modern Ukrainian culture. The presence of a collection of wooden sculptures in the context of the exhibition provides it with additional semantic ascents. The next location of the exhibition will be the National Museum of Literature /Kyiv, Ukraine/.

The attitude of the Department of culture and tourism of Donets’k Regional State Administration deserves a separate acknowledgment due to its activities, directed towards strengthening cultural ties and confirming the unity of Ukrainian cultural area.

Signing of a pact of co-working will be a perfect result of that, becoming a pledge of mighty creative relations, forming the basis for fulfilling main European values.