Art Salon’s History

The Art Salon of Vinnytsia Regional Fine Arts Museum was founded in April 1993. It was the time to review and rethink the museum’s role and functions, to expand the fields of its communicative powers, educational duties, and that’s when the museums started to explore their new role of informational centers, being at the same time entertaining, relaxing and researching institutions.

«First of all you should find the idea, the style goes with it».   Denis Diderot

The music theme in museums became one of the most attractive and prospective issues, it revealed new, unknown potentials of synthesizing arts in, at the first sight,  such a conservative  institution.

The great experience of Dresden, Paris, Saint-Petersburg and Warsaw museums had been analyzed, applied and adjusted to those quite tought times and modernity.

To tell the truth, the result exceeded all our expectations, took our museum to the top level, so that nowadays both — native masters and foreign artists get  excited, puzzled and wonder: «Is that at all possible in such a province, as it seems?!» Are we pleased? Of course.

The Art Salon has its own circle of visitors with their unique passions, favourite performers, even with their special seats in the concert hall. Teachers, doctors, business and artistic elite, representatives of state institutions, patrons of arts, youngsters — all of them are united by the special aura of the place. lviv-viol